We’re looking for people who:

  1. Want to create the best possible software,
  2. Like to solve problems in which several complex factors have to be balanced,
  3. Want to work in a relaxed, focused environment and be part of our success story,
  4. Like working on projects,
  5. Want to keep learning to stay relevant in an evolving industry.

Recruiters, agencies & apprenticeships: We know how keen you are but we do not currently work with recruitment or outsourcing agencies, nor do we offer apprenticeships or placements. This may change one day but for the time being, if you make contact with any of our staff, either to solicit them for employment or to offer us your services, we will ensure that we do not work with your company in future. If you send us CVs, we may retain them on our own database with no obligation to you.


The list of available positions changes frequently so if you’d like to work for Coherent, we’d recommend sending us your CV and arranging a chat.

We’re usually on the lookout for talented Software Engineers. Our normal stack is Python/Django/ReactJS for web apps and Swift/Java for iOS/Android apps. However, if you’re the sort of Software Engineer we’re looking for, you should be able to take the concepts that you already know and apply them to a new syntax.

We will provide you with the time and space to learn a new syntax and provide you with CPD opportunities. However, we’re a small company and we don’t have the resources to teach you to write good code.

We’re particularly interested in hiring graduates from top universities with degrees in Computer Science, Maths or a related discipline. We will ask for your degree transcript and pay particular attention to your progress on the most technical modules.

We’re also looking to develop our company’s culture therefore, we’re particularly interested in people who like to get lunch with their colleagues or get a drink after work with the team.

Why you should work for us

We are a small company with a flat hierarchy. We want to hire great people who can help us continue to deliver great software. We are a team that values input and doesn’t micromanage.

You might not know much about Lancaster but we think you’ll like it here. We have more than our fair share of incredible coffee shopsbars and restaurants.

If you like cycling or hiking, you’ll love our open spaces. We’re also just a few minutes by car or train to the Lake District where you’ll be spoilt for choice.

You’ll be surprised at the cost of living in Lancaster. £500/month can get a spacious two bedroom apartment overlooking the river. Local bars, restaurants and cafés are also reasonably priced.

Most of our staff walk to work in just a few minutes. If you’re used to lengthy commutes, take a moment to think about this!

Our office is on Dalton Square, a picturesque part of Lancaster, so close to our local that it’s almost in WiFi range. Our office is bright, relaxed and easily customised to fit your work habits.

How to apply

To apply for any position, please email careers -at-