Software Engineer

Department: Technical
Type: Permanent
Work Schedule: Full time
Location: Lancaster, Lancashire (May Consider Remote)
Skills: Git, Python, Django, ReactJS, Docker

We have been creating bespoke CRM, ERP and financial software in Lancaster (UK) since 2013. The overall theme of our software is "digital transformation", that is, to help our clients to deliver better digital experiences and to help them to service more customers at a lower cost per customer.

Most of our software is built for the cloud, using the Python, Django and ReactJS technologies. We also regularly develop mobile apps, both natively and with React Native.

We are looking for energetic, ambitious, modern full stack developers to join our team and help us build new and exciting systems. We offer competitive pay, great work-life balance and the opportunity to work on a multitude of unique, interesting projects.

• Develop independently or collaboratively on a range of software projects,
• Provide input on upcoming projects, such as helping to estimate project scope,
• Build relationships with clients and help them to make informed technical decisions,
• Integrate third party services using APIs (most commonly Xero),
• Deploy appications to Linux servers, normally via Docker.

• Detailed understanding of OOP and MVC principles,
• Experienced in Python and knowledge of the Django framework,
• Some experience using a frontend framework such as ReactJS or AngularJS,
• Proficiency in SQL and git,
• Theoretical understanding of web application security issues such as CSRF and XSS,
• Theoretical understanding of software performance concerns such as orders of complexity,
• Basic understanding of the Linux command line.

• BSc Computer Science, Software Engineering, Maths, Physics or similar.

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