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We are an experienced, business-focused team of developers and Linux systems engineers in the north of England.

If your store front or business system is cloud-based (if you access it in a web browser) then, even if we didn’t build it, and even if we don’t host it, we can provide the ongoing maintenance to ensure it stays up, secure and fast.

Our managed DevOps service lets you use whichever hosting service you prefer. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a popular choice due to its scalability and resilience.

If store front or business system is complex, busy, or business-critical, don’t risk the financial and reputational risks associated with downtime, hacking and poor performance. Get in touch to find out more about what we can do for you, and why we’re trusted by an online retailer that takes dozens of orders per minute.

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    Our managed DevOps service is completely tailored to your requirements. For some, the aim is simply to maintain one or more servers with a third-party hosting company, setting up backups, keeping the servers up to date and secure, and ensuring that they stay up and fast.

    More complex needs include designing an architecture to accommodate forecasted growth to your website or online store, moving websites or stores to new servers, and implementing load balancing or failover.

    Whatever technologies you use and wherever your servers are, we can help. We manage several WordPress, Magento and bespoke sites on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and elsewhere, and we have experience scaling websites up to thousands of concurrent visitors.

    Our Managing Director brings over 12 years of Linux and server-related professional experience to the company and his research in cloud systems has been published at international conferences.

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