Managed Cloud Hosting

Not all hosting is created equal

We offer a range of managed hosting services on our state of the art private cloud. We are able to accommodate a range of special requirements as well, such as load balancing and failover. The greatest advantage of choosing us for your hosting is that you’ll receive a highly personal touch service from our elite, in-house, UK-based Software Engineers (not tech support folk).

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We go above and beyond to protect servers

Secure, resilient hosting starts with the best physical environment. Our state of the art private cloud and networking gear is co-located in the prestigious LDeX2 facility. The facility is protected against fires, floods and security threats. Access to two power grids, UPSs and diesel generators protect against power outages – there has never been one. Our staff are regularly present in the facility and can be on-site in less than five minutes in the event of a physical problem.

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Storage and Connections

Redundant everything

Redundancy is built in to every part of our hosting. At any time, we hold two live copies of your data, plus two copies for each of the past seven days’ backups, for a total of 16 copies. Those copies are stored on separate servers that are ready to take over if there is a problem with our primary servers. Our private cloud connects to two top-tier ISPs: Century Link (formerly Level3) and Cogent.


State of the art servers and networking gear

Visitors and search engines prefer fast websites. That’s why we use modern, state of the art servers and networking gear. Our private cloud servers are 24-core, 48-thread beasts with 256GB RAM, SSD/NVMe disks and 10Gbps connections. That’s tech-speak for tangible speed differences and higher conversion rates.


Protected by industry-leading Fortinet equipment

Security is built into the core of our hosting. That’s why we offer hardware firewalls as standard. We also optionally offer Full Disk Encryption (FDE) and Web Application Firewalls (WAF) by industry-leader Fortinet (whose products also secure some of the world’s largest companies’ servers) to scan visitors’ connections for hacking attempts and virus uploads. Our hosting is also designed to meet the requirements of the GDPR, PCI Compliance and ISO27001.


Equipment is just half of the story

Hosting isn’t just about servers. It’s about the people who look after them and pick up the phone when you need something. We don’t have any account numbers, account managers or “tech support” folk, just an elite team of UK-based Software Engineers who will get to know your company and your system inside out. They’re supported by monitoring systems that check for and preempt problems 24×7 so we can start working on hiccups before they become disasters.

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