Managed Hosting

You name it. We host it. We offer high quality shared, VPS and dedicated servers, tailored for you. Our hosting services are managed by our Software Engineers in the UK who understand Magento, WordPress and a host of other technologies.

Do you already have a server? We also offer our support layer for third party servers.

Managed Shared Hosting
Our Plesk 12 based shared hosting is highly affordable and comes with the same great performance, support, backups and monitoring that our customers expect.

Managed Cloud Servers
Benefit from better performance, complete isolation (e.g. for PCI compliance) and greater flexibility with a cloud server. Cloud servers are available with or without backups, monitoring and support.

Managed Dedicated Servers
Dedicated servers offer even greater performance and enable you to achieve a higher level of PCI compliance. Dedicated servers are also available with or without backups, monitoring and support.

The Groomed Man host with us

Case Study

Eager to grow her Magento store, Denise from The Groomed Man started to invest more in marketing. However, her store was slow and unreliable, and her hosting company was unwilling to help. Denise engaged us to host The Groomed Man and, subsequently, to work on parts of the store.

We provisioned a VPS for the store and handled the move. The store was immediately faster after being moved over and has stayed up since. Denise knows that, should she need any help, she can reach us by telephone or email. She can also rest easy knowing that we have secured the server and retain several off-site backups in case they are ever needed.


Are you PCI compliant?

The short answer is “yes”. However, please speak to us so that we can ensure that you choose the right hosting services for your PCI requirements.

Is there any tie-in?

Our hosting services are typically provided on a 12 month contract.

Can I scale up and down?

Our cloud servers are most suitable for websites that need to scale frequently. They can easily be scaled up and down, often at short notice.

What technologies do you use?

Our shared hosting is based on Plesk 12, which includes Nginx, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Our virtual and dedicated servers can be made to support other technologies as well, such as cPanel, Python, Node.js and Ruby.

How fast is your hosting?

Speed depends partly on your website’s code and partly on the servers. To ensure that the servers are fast, we use the latest hardware, including NVMe disks that are even faster than SSD and host in London’s Telehouse North data centre, that is among the best connected in the country.

How much does it cost?

All of our packages – shared, VPS and dedicated – are tailored for you. Prices are determined by the technical resources that you need (disk space, bandwidth, …) and the level of support that you require from our team. Give us a call on 0800 292 6474 for a quote – we may be able to give you a price over the phone.