Bespoke Software Development

You name it. We build it. Our bespoke software development is all about solving a problem in the best possible way. We can create a system free of licensing costs to do just about anything. Examples include:

  • Creating a “bridge” to connect your address book in one system (such as Sage or Xero) with your address book in another system (such as your email inbox),
  • Automating back office tasks such as making sure something happens when an invoice is paid, or if it is overdue,
  • Freeing you from messy spreadsheets with a bespoke CRM and a clear single pane of glass to keep on top of your KPIs,
  • Developing a bespoke software product or service to sell.

Can we work together?

We creae web apps with DevOps in the cloud to improve security and save you money

Cloud-based software

Cloud-based software (or “web apps”) can be used on any device, from anywhere. The route to market is straightforward and, as your user base grows, your software will grow with you.

Our web apps offer a fast, engaging and professional experience. We combine them with our extensive experience in DevOps to reduce your hosting costs and address modern security challenges.

Web apps allow you to offload data processing to the cloud, interact with external systems easily and rapidly prototype your idea.

Examples of web apps we’ve developed include CMSs, control panels to manage websites and virtual machines, plugins for WordPress, OpenCart and WHMCS.

We integrate with Xero, Sage, Office365 and othrers

Playing Well with Others

Change bring challenges. However, if you rely on a number of existing systems, desktop or cloud-based, you’ll be glad to know that we can often connect your bespoke software to them. We have particular experience integrating payment gateways such as Worldpay, Stripe and Paypal and accounting systems such as Sage and Xero.

Moving to bespoke software doesn’t mean abandoning your existing systems. In fact, our bespoke software can act as an intermediary to keep disparate systems in sync.

Case Study

Consumer Media is the company behind Alarm System Reviews. They engaged us to push the boundaries of website performance. We started by exploring DevOps best practice. These include server caching, browser caching and on-page optimisation.

When best practice wasn’t enough, Consumer Media engaged us to develop software to push their website performance to the limit.

The system we built for them in Symfony PHP ensures that websites load quickly for visitors wherever they are based. It uses brand new browser technology such as HTTP2 Push. It also provides a single pane of glass for caching and new software releases and new websites.


Who will own the IP?

One of the key advantages of bespoke software development is that when we have been paid in full, you will own all of the IP. You are free to do with it as you please and can even resell it if you would like to.

Is there any tie-in?

You’ll be free from expensive software licences because you’ll own your bespoke software. You may decide to keep us on retainer for support but it’s your choice. All of the software we build uses industry best practice and could be picked up by another company.

Can I add more features later?

Yes – and most of our customers come back for more. We’ll give you a software itinerary for your utopia and you’ll be able to choose what to include and what to save for later. Inevitably, as you use the system, you’ll discover new features that will be useful and we can add them on.

How does the process work?

After discussing your wants, we’ll assemble a proposal. The proposal will describe the costs and timeframe for each want as well as the technology we’ll use. You’ll select the items to include and we’ll be in touch throughout the process to get your input. We’ll set the system up for you an can provide training and maintenance. Find out more about our process.

Do you work with X?

Probably. We love working with Python, Django and ReactJS for web applications, and developing native mobile apps for iOS and Android. However, we’ve worked with a much wider range of technologies. Find out more about the technology we use.

What about hosting?

If your software is a web application (so that it can be used from anywhere in a web browser), it will need to “live” somewhere. This is where hosting comes in. We offer fully managed hosting and can also provide maintenance and support to complement hosting elsewhere. Many of our customers choose to host on Amazon Web Services.