Bespoke CRM Software Development

You’ve looked at off the shelf CRM packages. If you’ve found that they have too many bells and whistles, lack the one crucial feature that you need or just don’t match your workflow then a bespoke CRM system may be the answer.

A great track record. We have a great track record in bespoke CRM software development. We’ve built highly cost effective minimal CRMs and complex systems – and we can integrate with third party systems.

No recurring licence fees. Adding more users is free. Adding more clients is free. A bespoke CRM can pay for itself in months by freeing you from expensive software licences.

Integrate with anything. You use other systems – your accounting system, your email address book and so on. Why shouldn’t your custom built CRM talk to them and keep everything in sync?

Importing your data is easy. Migrating to a new CRM doesn’t mean re-entering all of your data. We can help you bring in your contacts, companies and cases automatically, wherever they are.

Find out more about the benefits of our CRM development and integration services.

Why you should get in touch

  1. We’re an experienced CRM development company. We’ve successfully developed a range of CRMs, from the very simple to the highly complex, and we work our experience into every new system we build.
  2. We’re cost effective. A bespoke CRM can pay for itself in just a few months by freeing you from expensive software licences.
  3. You name it. We build it. We can build almost anything, for web, mobile and desktop. Need a mobile app to complement your new CRM? No problem. Want to integrate with Sage or Xero? Done.
Marr-Johnson & Stevens engaged us to create a bespoke CRM

Case Study

London-based surveyors Marr-Johnson & Stevens felt that off the shelf CRMs didn’t fit their workflow. They also wanted to keep their email and phone contacts in sync with the system, so that when they take on a new client, or when a contact gets a new phone number, only one system needs to be updated.

We build a bespoke CRM for Marr-Johnson & Stevens that integrates with their Office365 address book and, via Office365, their phones. We took advantage of their existing relationship with Microsoft to host the system on Azure. They now have a system that matches their workflow and is always up to date.

Questions about CRM software development?

Can I add more features later?

Absolutely! We completely understand the need to split development into iterations so that the benefits can be realised sooner. We’ll help you design a roadmap that meets your goals.

Is there any vendor tie-in?

You’ll be free from expensive software licences because you’ll own your bespoke system outright. That means no royalties and no licences. You can choose to engage us for support and maintenance but it’s your choice. All of the software we build adheres to industry best practice and could be picked up by another CRM development company.

Who will own the intellectual property?

You will. The end product is a valuable system that you will have paid for – and it will belong to you. Because it belongs to you, you will be free to host it wherever you want and engage whomever you choose to make changes in future.

How does the process work?

Following initial discussions, we’ll create a proposal. The proposal will outline our estimates of the time and cost for each piece of work that will become part of the system. You’ll be able to choose the items to include at each stage and we’ll be in touch throughout the process to keep you up to date. We’ll set the system up and can provide training and maintenance. Find out more about our process.

Can you develop X?

Probably – we don’t just build CRMs. Our technologies of choice are Python, Django and ReactJS for web development, and we develop mobile apps for iOS and Android. However, we’ve worked with a huge range of technologies and enjoy a challenge. Find out more about the technology we use.

What about hosting?

The CRMs we build are typically web applications (i.e. they work in a web browser). This enables them to be accessed anywhere, on any device. They need to be hosted somewhere. We provide fully managed hosting as well as maintenance and support for hosting elsewhere. Many of our customers choose to host on Amazon Web Services and we have extensive experience supporting it.