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We’re Coherent Software. Software development is probably not your area of expertise, and this often means that operational and technical issues, which can make a huge difference to efficiency and user experience, go unaddressed or even unnoticed. At best, this impacts on the growth and profitability of your organisation, at worst it could lead to system failures, security breaches and loss of business.

We support you by delivering strategic solutions and managing the technical elements your business. To do this we hire the best software developers, follow industry best practices and deliver bespoke software and other services that fundamentally improve processes, improve productivity and allow your organisation to flourish.

Our team of specialists work hard to address any development or improvement project our clients have in mind. Frequent requests include iOS/Android app development, the building and maintenance of custom software for desktop, mobile and cloud, and managing the ongoing security, backups and updates for websites and servers.

We frequently plug in to existing systems such as Sage and Xero and payment gateways such as Worldpay, Stripe and PayPal. As cloud aficionados, we’ve moved many customers to the cloud and given them the scalability, performance and resilience they need to grow their brands online.

We’re based in Lancaster in the northwest of England. We serve local clients in Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Liverpool, Chester, Preston and Bradford. We also regularly work with clients throughout the UK, Europe and the US.

We are a Xero Developer Partner, certified to ISO9001 and ISO27001, a Living Wage Employer and a member of the Lancaster and Greater Manchester Chambers of Commerce.

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