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Accredited Xero Developer

If, like us, you use Xero, there might be areas where you’d like to extend Xero’s functionality. This is where we come in – we can custom-build a system for your business, that integrates with your Xero data, or create a bespoke Xero integration for the software you already use.

We are one of a short list of accredited Xero Developers, meaning that Xero have checked the quality of our work and are satisfied with it.

Not only are we accredited by Xero, we’ve also developed apps for public use, on the Xero Marketplace. If you’re considering developing an app for the Xero Marketplace, we can not only develop the app for you, we can help you get it onto the marketplace.

We have an extensive portfolio of Xero development and integration work, including apps for Xero Partner accountants, some of which can be found on the “about us” page.

Accredited Xero Developer

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    Our development stacks

    Others force you onto their preferred technology. We select the technology best suited to your project.

    Desktop applications

    We use the .NET, Swift and GTK+ technologies to produce apps that can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux , for when an internet connection isn’t available.

    Web applications

    Web applications are systems that live in the cloud and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. To build them, we use ReactJS and Django or Symfony.

    Mobile applications

    We create modern, engaging apps for phones and tablets, running Apple iOS and Android. The technologies we use are Swift, Java and React Native.

    How we

    Integrate with other systems

    Most systems aren’t siloed – nor should they be! A CRM isn’t much use if you have to re-enter everything into your accounting package. We can help you connect an existing system, or a new, bespoke system, to your other systems so nothing needs to be entered twice.

    As an accredited Xero Developer, we’re often tasked with integrating with Xero. But the list doesn’t end there. We’ve completed countless integrations to payment gateways, accounting packages and specialist industry systems.

    Working with us

    When you get in touch, you’ll probably have an idea of the system you need, but you might not a software specification (a technical document that describes everything the system will do and how it will work). If you don’t, we’ll work with you, free of charge, to create a software specification. This will involve one or more detailed conversations, either in person or via phone or web conferencing.

    Once we have a software specification, we’ll be able to tell you what it will cost, and how long it will take, to build your system.

    If you ask us to proceed, we’ll need signatures and a deposit. Then, we’ll start building your system and give you several opportunities to interact with our work in progress. When you’re happy with everything, we’ll ask you to accept it, pay any remaining balance and then you can go live.

    At this stage, you’ll own the intellectual property outright. Because your system will be built to industry standards, you won’t depend on us to use your system or to make changes to it in future. However, if you would like the peace of mind of knowing that the people who built the system will keep it running smoothly, make minor changes as requested and provide ongoing support, you might choose to have us host and support your system as well.

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