Expert Magento development

We know Magento e-commerce is booming, and if you’re not selling online you might as well not be selling at all. We can help you sell more with Magento. Get a stunning, unique, modern design to match your brand and a secure and efficient code base written by expert Magento developers.

Don’t spend money marketing your store if it’s slow or unreliable. Your visitors will give up and search engines will penalise you. Choose to host Magento on AWS – with support from Coherent – and benefit from speed, security and scalability.


Can we work together?

The northwest’s best Magento developers

  1. We’re local. Being nearby means that communication is easier, making it easier to collaborate.
  2. We’re highly competent and have a great track record. We like challenges, however simple or complex they might seem and we are driven to find a better way.
  3. You name it. We build it. We can build almost anything, for web, mobile and desktop.

Case Study

We customised an Amazon Web Services environment for the Kilkenny Shop when their Magento store had extremely high traffic.

The Kilkenny Group operates 12 shops and two cafés in Ireland, employing over 240 people. Kilkenny Shops sell jewellery, accessories and decorations designed by iconic Irish designers such as Orla Kiely.

In 2008, The Kilkenny Group started to sell online. By 2014, the online channel had grown significantly, attracting several thousand concurrent visitors during busy periods. In addition to coping with sizeable and volatile demand, research has shown a clear correlation between page load times and conversion rates. Therefore, it is critical that even when demand is great, the store continues to perform as visitors expect.

We were engaged by The Kilkenny Group in 2014 to maintain and support the servers that host their e-commerce store.

Since 2014, we have provided The Kilkenny Group with the technical assistance that they need to ensure that their online store is secure, performs well and scales up as their online business grows. This has included a move to a highly resilient, scalable and secure platform on Amazon Web Services in 2016. The platform’s architecture was designed designed by Coherent Software to meet The Kilkenny Group’s criteria.

We also work with The Kilkenny Group on extensive capacity testing and we work closely with their software developers and in-house IT manager to ensure that key stakeholders’ demands are met.

Key Benefit to The Kilkenny Shop
With our help, The Kilkenny Shop moved to the cloud and was able to serve far more customers.

Questions about software development for Xero?

Who will own the intellectual property?

You will! One of the key advantages of opting for bespoke development is that you will own the intellectual property. You are free to do with it as you want and can resell it, let others use it and even modify if yourself.

Will I be tied in?

You’ll be free from expensive software licences because you’ll own the system we built for you. There are no licences or royalties because you’ll own it outright. You might want to keep us on retainer for support and maintenace but it’s your choice. All of the software we build adheres to industry best practice and could be picked up by another agency.

Can I add more features later?

Yes – and it’s very common to do so. We’ll start with your utopia at the proposal stage and you’ll be able to choose what to include and what to save for later. Generally, once you’ve started to use the system, you’ll discover new features that will be useful and we can add them on.

How does the process work?

When we understand your vision, we’ll create a proposal. The proposal will describe the estimated costs and timeframe for each item we think you’ll need and some technical background. You’ll be able to choose the items to include and we’ll be in touch throughout the process to get your input. We’ll set the system up and can provide training and maintenance. Find out more about our process.

Do you know X?

Probably. Our technologies of choice are Python, Django and ReactJS for web applications, and we develop mobile apps for iOS and Android. However, we’ve worked with a huge range of technologies and enjoy a challenge. Find out more about the technology we use.

What about web hosting?

If your software is a web application (i.e. it works in a web browser), it needs to “live” on a server. This is where hosting comes in. We provide fully managed hosting as well as maintenance and support for hosting elsewhere. Many of our customers choose to host on Amazon Web Services and we have extensive experience supporting it.