Bespoke Software Development for Django

Our python coders are familiar with working within the Django framework for web development projects

Experienced Django developers. Benefit not only from highly competent Python and Django developers, but also from a Django development company that invests into the Django ecosystem.

A great track record. Our company’s core focus is web application development using the Django framework. We work with it all day, every day. Our experienced developers consistently deliver efficient, secure, scalable code that meets Django best practice.

Full stack development. In addition to Django, we have considerable expertise with ReactJS and AngularJS. These front-end developer frameworks complement Django to provide a modern, engaging and real time user experience.

Can we work together?

Case Study

Thunderbird Releasing

Thunderbird Releasing engaged us for Django web development. We created an entirely bespoke platform using Django and ReactJS for them. The platform is a CRM that uniquely organises the day to day flow of data for a film releasing company.

The backend is written in Python/Django, and exposes an API, via the Django Rest Framework. The frontend is written in ReactJS and Bootstrap to provide a highly interactive and modern cross platform experience.

Questions about Django web development?

Can I add more features later?

Yes! We understand the need to divide development into stages so that the benefits can be realised sooner. Let us know your long term plan and we’ll help you to define steps to get there.

Will I be tied in?

You’ll be free from expensive software licences because you’ll own the system we built for you. There are no licences or royalties because you’ll own it outright. You might choose to keep us on retainer for support and maintenance but it’s your prerogative. All of the software we build adheres to industry best practice and could be picked up by another agency.

Who will own the intellectual property?

You. Our development typically creates highly valuable intellectual property and, at the end of the project, you will own all of the intellectual property created during the project. This ensures that you’re free from expensive software licences and vendor tie-in.

How does the process work?

Following initial discussions, we’ll create a proposal. The proposal will describe our estimates of the time and cost for each item we think you’ll need, and some technical background. You’ll be able to choose the items to include and we’ll be in touch throughout the process to keep you up to date. We’ll set the system up and can provide training and maintenance. Find out more about our process.

Can you develop X?

Probably. Our technologies of choice are Python, Django and ReactJS for web development, and we develop mobile apps for iOS and Android. However, we’ve worked with a huge range of technologies (including PHP, Perl, Java, C and others) and enjoy a challenge. Find out more about the technology we use.

What about hosting?

If your software is a web application (i.e. it works in a web browser), it will need to be hosted somewhere. We provide fully managed hosting as well as maintenance and support for hosting elsewhere. Many of our customers choose to host on Amazon Web Services and we have extensive experience supporting it.