Mobile app development in Leeds

Coherent is an expert app development agency in the northwest of England. We develop apps for iOS and Android. Accredited Xero Developer and certified to ISO9001 and ISO27001.


Certified Xero Developer and certified to ISO9001 and ISO27001


Can we work together?

We develop apps for Android, an operating system based on the Linux kernel for touchscreen mobile devices.

Android Apps

Many devices are reliant on the Android platform — in fact, over 60% of the smartphone market runs on it. With the advent of Android Wear, apps for smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular, so no matter if you’re a small business that needs an app or require a large deployment, we can tailor it to your needs.

Our Android app development can help you reach this huge audience with an app that they’ll love. A popular option is for an iOS companion app to be created as well. Using Java, we can create an ergonomic and functional interface that you and your staff will enjoy using.

Whether you need a game or social media app developed, we can create something that works for you, and publish it on the Play Store or keep it private.

We can develop custom iOS apps for submission to the App Store or for private distribution.

iOS Apps

Need to reach iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch users?

Our iOS mobile app development can help you reach this market.

We build fast, modern and professional iOS apps. Our iOS app development cycle relies on Swift to offer your Apple device users the fluid and highly practical experience they expect.

We make a plethora of different iOS apps. Whether it’d be something to communicate with your staff or to entertain your audience, we can make an app that works for you. It can be kept private or published on the app store, depending on your needs.

Case Study

Capture Pod

Capture Pod provide bespoke photo booths for weddings, birthdays and corporate events. They were approached by a potential customer who wanted to let visitors to their stores record a video testimonial.

We developed a bespoke iPad app that Capture Pod deployed in several stores in the US and a web application to store the video testimonials in the cloud and catalogue them.

The app has enabled Capture Pod’s customer to quickly gather a wealth of footage for use in their marketing.


Who will own the IP?

You. One of the key advantages of bespoke mobile app development is that the end product belongs to you and you can do whatever you want with it.

Is there any tie-in?

You’ll be free from royalties and expensive licences because you’ll own your app. All of the apps we build use industry best practice and could be picked up by another company.

Can I add more functionality later?

Absolutely. It’s common to split software development into stages (think lean startup). We can help you divide your development into logical stages to meet your requirements with minimal upfront investment.

What can I expect?

After establishing your requirements, we’ll send you our proposal. It will have the costs for each feature and you’ll be able to choose which features to include. We’ll then keep you up to date while your app is in development. When it’s done, we can publish it on the App Store or Play Store for you. Find out more.

Do you develop native or cross platform apps?

Both. We usually write code in Java on Android and Swift on iOS. Certain apps might be suitable for cross platform development and for those, we can use React Native (the cross platform toolkit used by Facebook). Find out more about the technology we use.

Can my app connect to the cloud?

It can but it doesn’t have to. We can connect your app to your existing systems, to third party systems, to a backend-as-a-service (such as Parse) or create a new cloud application for you alongside your mobile app.