Bespoke Software Development for Symfony

We use Symfony as a framework for our PHP web development projects.

Trusted platform. Symfony is a popular framework that is trusted by many retailers in the UK and even the President of France! The platform is well funded, maintained by a large user base and embraces industry best practices. As a result, we develop with Symfony often and have plenty of experience with it.

Highly portable. We develop bespoke software for Symfony, but whether or not you choose to host it with us is your choice. A benefit of this platform is that it is very portable and can run on most major hosting providers. This means you are never locked in and will always be in full control.

Cost effective. Coupled with our bespoke software development practices and Symfony’s focus on speed and reliability, we can get your project completed quickly without cutting down on quality. This cuts down your costs during development and ensures a successful project.

Why us

  1. Industry best practices. All bespoke Symfony development follows industry best practices and you’ll be covered by Symfony’s reputation for its speed and robustness.
  2. Flexibility. We have plenty of experience with Symfony, and can develop almost anything for you. Set up a free, hassle-less consultation with us and we can discuss your idea further.
  3. Our support Our world class support team will ensure that you and your staff know how to operate your software. If you encounter any issues or have any concerns, our staff are always happy to help.
We built a bespoke CRM for Marr-Johnson & Stevens using the Symfony2 PHP framework.

Case Study

Marr-Johnson & Stevens is a company that specializes in land surveying. They felt that popular CRMs on the market did not fit their requirements, and approached us to develop a custom system.

Using Symfony, we created a bespoke CRM that handled their email and phone books. We also managed the migration of their old Microsoft Excel and Access files, with import functionality built into the software. Once the data was transferred, the system’s integration with Microsoft Office 365 was enabled.

We chose Symfony as it ensured that their system would be reliable and speedy, all the while being easy to use and modern. They benefited from our integration and CRM and saved on time and costly resources.

Questions about Symfony web development?

Am I tied in?

Whenever we develop software, the rights to it are always given to the customer after development is finished. No software licensing fees will ever be charged to you. Many customers choose to keep us on board to keep the software updated and for support, but you’re in no way obligated to stay with us. We follow industry standards, so you’re free to take the software to another company for support and updates.

Who will own the rights to the software?

You, and we can’t stress that enough. We create high-value software and all rights to it will be transferred to you once development is complete.

Can I make changes to the software?

Certainly — all businesses change over time and we understand that you may need to make some changes during development. Talk to us and we can discuss benefits of modifications and additional features.

How does Coherent develop software?

We follow industry best practices and develop using our bespoke process. After consulting with you, we’ll have a proposal with a  rough estimate of how much it’ll cost and how long it’ll take. After it’s finished, we’ll make sure you and your staff know how to use the software and will provide documentation.

Are you sure you can create what I need?

We have experience in development using many different languages and for different types of software. Generally, we stick to Python, ReactJS and Django for web development, but can also work with PHP, Java, C, Perl, etc. With our skilled developers, we can develop almost anything. Learn more about the technologies we use and how.

Do you provide hosting?

After development, our customers have the choice between hosting their bespoke Symfony software on our fully managed servers  or with a third party. In fact, many customers choose to host it elsewhere but have us maintain it there, using Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud.