Software development and maintenance process

Our Process

Software projects can be daunting. You need to know what you’ll get at the end will be what you need. You need to know how long it will take and what it will cost. Most importantly, you need to know that, years from now, it’ll still be delivering value, which is why we adopted the Agile development methodology. You’ll know what the product looks like every step of the way and it’ll be maintained throughout its lifetime.

Our process is designed to address these concerns and minimise your risk. We’ve honed it over 4+ years of bespoke software development. It’s designed to meet the requirements of the GDPR, ISO9001 and ISO27001. Above all, it’s designed to be simple, efficient and fair.

1. Plan

We’ll help you brainstorm ideas for the new system and arrive at a set of features that the system will have, how it will connect to other systems and what technology we’ll use. We’ll help you to assemble requirements that combine your industry knowledge with our technical knowledge. This is free of charge.

2. Code

When we’ve agreed the requirements, we’ll go away, usually for a week at a time (a “sprint”), to write the code that implements your requirements.

We embrace Agile development

Planning, development and review are inter-dependent. Agile development is created around this idea. We’ll organise everything and get a proposal ready, then start weekly sprints to complete your project. If your project isn’t particularly large, we may opt to use the Waterfall development process, which is a more traditional approach and allows for more efficient delivery of simple projects.

Agile Software Development

3. Build

At the end of each sprint, we’ll produce a work-in-progress version of the software. We’ll put it somewhere where you can see it and test it.

4. Test

We’ll test the work-in-progress version of you software. We typically combine human testing with automated testing (“unit tests”). We’ll also invite you to test the work-in-progress version and provide us with feedback for the next sprint.

5. Release

When we’ve written all of the code, built everything and your testing and our testing concludes that the project is done, we’ll package the software ready to be used in production and hand over the keys.

6. Deploy

We’ll set up any servers and install the software for you. We’ll also make sure that any servers are secure and that you have a process for backups.

7. Operate

The software is up and running and we’ve handed over the keys. Congratulations! You’re ready to start using it.

8. Monitor

We constantly collect and analyse technical data about your system to make sure that it’s running correctly. Generally, if there’s a problem, we know before you do. We minimise technical hiccups, help you scale and provide support.