Our Process

Engaging software developers can be daunting. We’ve made sure that our workflow is as transparent,¬†simple and fair as possible. This page describes what you can expect from us if you engage us to create bespoke software.

Understanding your business

Initially, we’ll speak to you to understand your requirements. We want to know what you do, the challenges you face and how you use software.¬†We also want to know what systems you use already, which of them you’d like to keep and any you’d like to replace. If we feel we can help you, we’ll give you an indication of how we could work together.

Understanding your requirements

Where feasible, we’ll meet in person, or otherwise we’ll have a longer call. We’ll brainstorm ideas for the new system and arrive at a set of features that the system will have, how it will connect to other systems and what technology we’ll use.


We’ll send you a proposal. The proposal will describe all of the features that the system should have, how users will engage with the system and the technology we propose to use (such as the programming language and framework). It will also describe options for hosting and maintenance where applicable.

For each of the features in the proposal, we’ll estimate the number of hours and the cost to implement. This will give you the opportunity to decide, based on your preferences and budget, which features to include. Features that aren’t included initially can be added later.


If you’re happy with our proposal, we’ll ask you to select the items you’d like us to develop from it and sign it. We’ll also ask you to sign an agreement covering confidentiality, intellectual property and payment.

We’ll confirm the estimated cost, delivery date and payments. Typically, our charges will be divided over a few milestones, at which you’ll be able to review our work in progress and provide feedback.


Depending on the size of the project, we’ll ask you to periodically review our work in progress and provide feedback. We’ll adapt our work to fit your feedback. When we reach a milestone, we’ll also ask you to approve the work so far and send you an invoice.

When all of the work has been completed, we’ll ask you to confirm that you’re happy with it. We’ll then submit any mobile apps to the App Store or Play Store, set up servers to host any web applications, connect the system to our existing systems and provide training on how to use the system.

When you have confirmed that you’re happy with the software and have paid our final invoice, you will own the intellectual property to your software. You’ll be able to decide if you’d like to keep us on retainer to make minor changes and provide additional support. You’ll also be able to come back to us if you’d like us to add new features to your software.