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Microsoft Dynamics 365



Moving to Microsoft Dynamics. Enlist our expertise to make the move to Microsoft’s leading Dynamics CRM system as effortless as possible. We can help you import data from an existing CRM system or from Excel spreadsheets or from an Access database.

Keep your systems in sync. We can help you continue to use the other systems that your business needs and keep your data in sync between them. This could be an accounting package such as Sage or Xero. We can also help you present data from your other systems inside Dynamics.

Hosted on the Azure cloud. Choose where you’d like to host your data and optionally benefit from the security and resilience that Microsoft’s Azure cloud has to offer.


Can we work together?

Why you should get in touch

  1. Broad knowledge of the Microsoft stack. We’re experienced with a range of Microsoft’s product line, including Dynamics, Sharepoint, Excel, Access, Azure and Windows Server.
  2. We’re cost effective. Our extensive development experience means that we can work quickly.
  3. You name it. We build it. We can build almost anything, for web, mobile and desktop.

Questions about bespoke Dynamics development?

Can I add more features later?

Yes. We want to help you develop your application and we understand the need to divide development into stages so that the benefits can be realised sooner.

Will I be tied in?

You’ll own the Dynamics app that we build for you outright. There are no licences or royalties because it’ll belong to you. We can optionally offer ongoing support and maintenance.

Who will own the intellectual property?

You will. Our development typically creates highly valuable intellectual property and, at the end of the project, you will own all of the intellectual property created during the project. This ensures that you’re free from expensive software licences and vendor tie-in.

How does the process work?

We’ll get to know your company, the role of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the role of our Dynamics app. Then, we’ll create a proposal. The proposal will describe our estimates of the time and cost for each item we think you’ll need, and some technical background. You’ll be able to choose the items to include More about our process.

Can you integrate X?

Probably. We have plenty experience integrating accounting packages such as Sage and Xero, other Microsoft applications such as Office 365 and Microsoft Power BI and a huge range of other systems.

Will you host it?

Your Dynamics app will need to be hosted somewhere. We provide fully managed hosting as well as maintenance and support for hosting elsewhere. We have plenty of experience with Microsoft’s leading Azure cloud.