Bespoke software development in Leeds

Coherent is an expert software development agency in the northwest of England. We develop for mobile, cloud and desktop. Accredited Xero Developer and certified to ISO9001 and ISO27001.


Certified Xero Developer and certified to ISO9001 and ISO27001


Can we work together?

3 reasons to contact us

  1. We are local and we can meet face to face. It’s friendlier, it’s more efficient and it means we can make sure you’re making the best use of our software.
  2. We’re are experts. We’re not just saying that. You’ll be engaging top graduates from Leeds University, Lancaster University and others.
  3. We know your industry. Working with retailers, non profits, financial companies, startups and more mean that we have a broad knowledge of the challenges your industry faces.

Case Study

Fraser Portraits provides school and group photography services across the UK. From Dorset, they coordinate their network of local photographers, who travel from school to school. At each school, they are provided with a list of pupils and groups of pupils whose photos need to be taken.

Fraser Portraits develop software, running on Windows, to help their photographers match photos to pupils. By using our software, their photographers spend less time sorting through lists of pupils and can quickly see the list of photos that still need to be taken.

Questions about bespoke software?

Who will own the IP?

One of the greatest benefits of bespoke software development is that when we have been paid in full, you will own all of the intellectual property. In general, you won’t have to pay any licence costs or royalties because you will own everything. You are free to do with it as you please and can even resell it if you would like to.

Will I be tied in?

We’ll free you from expensive software licences because you’ll own your bespoke system outright. You could choose to keep us on retainer for support and maintenance but it’s your decision. The software we build conforms to industry best practice and could be picked up by another company.

Can you add more features later?

Yes – it’s a very common thing to do. We’ll give you a “shopping list” for your utopia and you’ll be able to choose what to include and what to save for later. Inevitably, as you use the system, you’ll discover new benefits that you could access and we’ll be on hand to discuss them.

How does the development process work?

After discussing your needs, we’ll assemble a proposal for you. Our proposal will describe the costs and times for each feature as well as the technology we’ll use. You’ll be able to choose what makes the final selection and liaise with us to match it to your vision. We’ll handle setup and can also offer training around the system. Find out more about our process.

Do you work with X?

We work with a lot of different technologies and it’s not uncommon for us to pick up an existing system and modify it. When we start from scratch, we tend to recommend Python, Django and ReactJS for web applications, and developing native mobile apps for iOS and AndroidFind out more about the technology we use.

What about web hosting?

If your software is a web application (so that it can be used from anywhere in a web browser),it will need to be hosted somewhere. We offer fully managed hosting – although you can choose to host wherever you want to. We also provide maintenance and support to complement hosting elsewhere.