Bespoke Software Development for Laravel


Full service. We develop software but we also perform maintenance and support existing systems that run on Laravel. If one of our competitors have dropped the ball, we’ll be able to take over.

Made for people. Apart from creating a bespoke Laravel system, part of the process requires an interface to be developed. Our designers can make sure your software is modern, pleasant to use and highly functional. This will ensure that the components of the software work in harmony.

Excellent support. If you ever face any issues while using our software, often we’ll know before you! Our bespoke Laravel software allows us to fix any problems quickly so any downtime is minimised. We’ll also provide updates and support after development should you want to keep us on board.

What makes us stand out

  1. Industry best practices. All bespoke Laravel development follows industry best practices and you’ll be covered by only the most qualified developers.
  2. Flexibility. No matter what you want created, we can make it happen. Set up a no-cost consultation with us and we can discuss your idea further.
  3. Our support team. When you talk to us, you won’t be talking to a customer service representative without any experience in the field. Rest assured that you’ll work with someone who can actually help you.

Case Study

Marcus Cherrill, a fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, approached us to help turn his vision for music in classrooms into reality. To do this, he needed a platform to help teachers and pupils engage with music in a way that’s conducive to improving learning outcomes.

We saw through software that was written by another agency that had vanished after development. We picked up where they left off, completing development and are now supporting and maintaining the system.

This system uses Laravel, a framework to the popular programming language, PHP. Along with our highly skilled team of developers, we worked with them to make his vision of bringing music to classrooms a reality, thereby helping children across the country to improve learning outcomes.

Questions about Laravel web development?

Will I be tied in?

Anything we develop for you or your business is rightfully owned by you. No software licensing fees will ever be charged. While we recommend our customers keep us on board for support and updates, this is not required and is completely up to you. Because our software follows industry standards, you could take the software to another agency should you wish to.

Who will own the intellectual property?

You. Our development typically creates highly valuable software of which the rights to will be given to you once development is complete.

Can I make modifications later?

Of course! A business is always changing and we know that you may need to make some additions or modifications to the software. Let us know and we can plan this out to maximize the benefits of any changes and additional features.

How does our development process work?

Our bespoke development cycle works to make sure you know what’s happening during development and to allow you to make changes during the development cycle. We will discuss with you to create a proposal and you’ll know up front how much the software will cost as well as how long it’ll take. As a standard, we will provide documentation and will make sure you know how to operate the system. Learn more about our process.

Are you sure you can create what I need?

Most likely. We have experience in creating applications in many different languages, and for many different purposes. Generally, we stick to Python, ReactJS and Django for web development, but can also work with PHP, Java, C, Perl, etc. See what technologies we use and how.

Do you provide hosting?

If you choose, we can host your Laravel software on fully managed servers. However, we also provide full support for hosting it elsewhere. Many customers choose to host it on Amazon Web Services, which we have extensive experience with.