Bespoke software development in Bradford

Coherent is an expert software development agency in the northwest of England. We develop for mobile, cloud and desktop. Accredited Xero Developer and certified to ISO9001 and ISO27001.


Certified Xero Developer and certified to ISO9001 and ISO27001


Can we work together?

Why you should call us

  1. We’re problem solvers and we will do whatever it takes to solve a problem because there’s a better way.
  2. We’re local and can come to you. No more overseas contractors. No more subcontractors. Just great work delivered on time and on budget.
  3. We invest in our process. In our four years, we’ve continuously taken what we’ve learned from delivering software projects to improve how we deliver them. We are obsessed with delivering the best quality work we can.

Case Study

Consumer Media LLC asked us to improve the performance of their websites. We started with caching, on-page recommendations and Google Pagespeed.

As they spun up new sites, recreating our optimisations took up a lot of their time. They wanted a better way. They engaged us to create software to automate the setting up of new sites and optimising them for speed.

We build a web app to deploy new websites pre-optimised to be as fast as possible and to make it easier to manage their large portfolio of websites and to keep their servers up to date.


Who will own the IP?

You. One of the greatest benefits of bespoke software development is that when the project is complete, you will own the IP. You are free to do what you want with it.

Is there any vendor tie-in?

No. You’ll be free from expensive recurring costs because you’ll own your bespoke system. You may decide to keep us on retainer for maintenance but that’s up top you. All of the software we build adheres to industry standards and could be picked up by another development agency.

Can I add more features later?

Absolutely! The first project is often the beginning of a great relationship. We’ll give you a software itinerary for your ideal workflow and you’ll be able to choose what to prioritise and what to save for later. As you use the system, you’ll discover new features that will be useful and we can add them on.

What can I expect when I contact you?

After discussing your wants, we’ll create a proposal. Our proposal will outline the costs and timeframe for each feature as well as the programming languages and frameworks we’ll use. You’ll be able to choose what to include and we’ll be in touch throughout the project to discuss our work. We’ll set the system up for you an can provide training and maintenance. About our development process.

Do you work with X?

Almost certainly. We mostly work with Python, Django and React for cloud software, and we develop mobile apps for Android and iOS. However, we’ve worked with a much wider range of platforms and frameworks. More about the technology we use.

Do you offer hosting?

If your software is a web application (i.e. it can be used from anywhere in a web browser), it needs to reside and store its data somewhere. This is the role of hosting. We offer managed hosting and, as an alternative, maintenance and support to complement hosting elsewhere. Many of our customers also choose to host on Amazon Web Services.