The Kilkenny Shop

The Kilkenny Group operates 12 shops and two cafés in Ireland, employing over 240 people. Kilkenny Shops sell jewellery, accessories and decorations designed by iconic Irish designers such as Orla Kiely.

In 2008, The Kilkenny Group started to sell online. By 2014, the online channel had grown significantly, attracting several thousand concurrent visitors during busy periods. In addition to coping with sizeable and volatile demand, research has shown a clear correlation between page load times and conversion rates. Therefore, it is critical that even when demand is great, the store continues to perform as visitors expect.

We were engaged by The Kilkenny Group in 2014 to maintain and support the servers that host their e-commerce store.

Since 2014, we have provided The Kilkenny Group with the technical assistance that they need to ensure that their online store is secure, performs well and scales up as their online business grows. This has included a move to a highly resilient, scalable and secure platform on Amazon Web Services in 2016. The platform’s architecture was designed designed by Coherent Software to meet The Kilkenny Group’s criteria.

We also work with The Kilkenny Group on extensive capacity testing and we work closely with their software developers and in-house IT manager to ensure that key stakeholders’ demands are met.

Key Benefit to The Kilkenny Shop
With our help, The Kilkenny Shop moved to the cloud and was able to serve far more customers.

We developed a time-saving Windows program for Fraser Portraits to promote efficiency and organisation.

Fraser Portraits

Founded in 1990, Dorset-based Fraser Portraits provides school and group photography services across the UK. If you have ever purchased school photos, there is a good chance you’ve bought from Fraser Portraits.

Our work for Fraser Portraits is a great example of the impact that our software development services can have. Before we were engaged, photographers switched between spreadsheets and photography software as they shot photos. The spreadsheets helped them keep track of the photos they took and the photographic software organised the images coming from their camera.

We developed a Windows program for Fraser Portraits that their photographers use to match photos against pupils in real time. Our software connects to their existing photographic software and reduces the time spent switching from one program to another and looking for pupils in messy spreadsheets.

Key Benefit to Fraser Portraits
Fraser Portraits no longer has to rely on messy and bureaucratic spreadsheets to coordinate their photographers.

Auto Car SOR

Leicester-based Auto Car SOR provide finance to car dealerships. Before engaging us, they relied on several spreadsheets which had to be manually updated, and data that had to be manually copied in and out of their accounting software, Sage.

Dealerships relying on Auto Car SOR had to organise their own records and, as a result, communication was time consuming and miscommunication was common.

Auto Car SOR engaged us to develop software for iPad and for the cloud. We designed and built an iPad app for Auto Car SOR’s dealers to access important documents and updates, and to request finance. The iPad app connects directly to Auto Car SOR’s database so that Auto Car SOR and the dealerships always have a consistent view of stock and finance.

The app connects to a cloud-based backend, which built and manage on Amazon Web Services as part of our DevOps service. The cloud system provides a single pane pf glass for Auto Car SOR to keep track of their dealers, finance and vehicles. The cloud backend also automatically synchronises with Sage, their accounting software, so nothing needs to be copied from system to system manually.

Key Benefit to Auto Car SOR
We automated the majority of Auto Car SOR’s administrative work and freed them from expensive software licences.

Thunderbird Releasing

Thunderbird Releasing

London-based Thunderbird Releasing distributes films to cinemas. As with many of our clients, they came to us with a series of spreadsheets that lacked the control, tidiness and scalability that they require.

Thunderbird Releasing engaged us to build a complex bespoke system integrated with Xero. We created a system that enables different staff members to fulfil their different roles whilst keeping important data in sync across the whole company and keeping Xero up to date automatically to keep manual bookkeeping to a minimum.

The application is cloud based and hosted and maintained by Coherent Software as part of our DevOps service.

Key Benefit to Thunderbird Releasing
We automated much of Thunderbird Releasing’s administrative work by the duplication of efforts in different systems .

We built a bespoke CRM for Marr-Johnson & Stevens using the Symfony2 PHP framework.

Marr-Johnson & Stevens

Marr-Johnson & Stevens are London-based surveyors. Feeling that off-the-shelf CRM packages didn’t fit, they engaged us to build a bespoke CRM, focusing on simplicity and flexibility.

We used the Symfony2 PHP framework to build the CRM for them and handled their migration from Excel and Access files, to the CRM. We also integrated the system with their Office365 address books and, through Office365, with their VOIP phone system.

Key Benefit to Marr-Johnson & Stevens
Marr-Johnson & Stevens’ email and phone address books are synchronised with their CRM system.

Chaney Associates

Chaney Associates

Chaney Associates is a US-based accountancy specialising in Xero. Chaney Associates was the first accountancy to receive Xero Platinum Partner status and subsequently achieved Xero Diamond Partner status. Despite their focus on Xero, many of their clients’ books are held in sector-specific software and required manual work to be brought into Xero.

We created a bespoke connector for Chaney Associates to make it easier to get data into Xero from the spreadsheets created by their sector-specific systems. Our connector runs automatically to pull data in and make sure that Xero is always up to date.

Key Benefit to Chaney Associates
Chaney Associates now spends less time copying and pasting between spreadsheets and Xero.

Consumer Media

Consumer Media manage a large portfolio of websites including Alarm System Reviews. Consumer Media recognised the need to improve the performance of their portfolio of primarily WordPress websites. We initially worked with their software developer to make server-side improvements such as caching and adding a CDN.

As we reached the limit of what could be done with conventional server optimisation, we researched new and complex ways to improve performance such as HTTP2 Push.

It would have been complex to replicate the performance we’d achieved on Alarm System Reviews on other websites so Consumer Media engaged us to develop software to launch new websites.

According to Jon Gavejian from Consumer Media, our suggestions led to performance gains that absolutely exceeded their expectations.

Key Benefit to Consumer Media
Consumer Media can create new websites whenever they want to and know that they will all be lightning fast.