Payments and Refunds

Products and Services

Before we are engaged to provide any services, we will ask the customer to sign/accept our Software Development Agreement, Hosting Agreement, Maintenance and Support Agreement and/or our T’s&C’s for SaaS Apps. These agreements outline the services that we will provide and the price and payment terms. In all cases, the services will include custom software development, support and maintenance or cloud-based software.

Refund Policy

Each agreement specifies the conditions under which the customer will be entitled to a refund. The customer will always be entitled to a refund for any overpayment. We only enter into agreements with businesses. Therefore, the provisions in EU distance selling regulations for a 14 day cooling off period do not apply.

Payment Methods

We accept payment by bank transfer, direct debit and by credit card. Credit card payments are processed by WorldPay.


All agreements and payments are in GBP.

Company Details

Coherent Software Ltd is registered in England. Our registration number is 08659933. Our registered office is 4-6 Dalton Square, Lancaster, LA1 1PP. Enquiries relating to payments can be made by telephone to 0800 292 6474 or by email to finance [at]