The future is flexible working

To catch the eye of top prospects and keep hold of the best you have in your business, you need to be able to offer benefits that are no longer just financial. Flexible working has become demanded by employees and job seekers and choosing a work schedule that suits their chosen lifestyles has provided many benefits to both employer and employee.

At Coherent, we have found that flexible working arrangements have brought many positive benefits and is just one of many things we have done to increase our company culture. Both for the company and the employee. Flexible working hours and the ability to work remotely has given many employees better control in their lives.

Some employees are more productive first thing in the morning, others mid-morning and in the afternoons, therefore their levels of productivity, motivation and happiness has increased greatly due to the fact they are no longer having to fit into a traditional 9-5 that doesn’t work for everyone. Being able to balance work and life has reduced stress and anxiety, giving employees more loyalty to their company and a greater level of job satisfaction.


“Your employees are your company’s real competitive advantage. They’re the ones making the magic happen-so long as their needs are being met” -Richard Branson

There are solid grounds and very tangible benefits to offering flexible working arrangements. Many have seen improvements in recruitment and staff retention, reduced absences and improved commitment and productivity. The millennial generation no longer focus solely on high pay and bonuses. They also value flexibility and having a good work/life balance.

Recent research from Cranfield University revealed that “Flexible workers, managers and co-workers of flexible workers reported a generally positive effect on the quantity and quality of work performed. In comparison to those on standard working arrangements, flexible workers had significantly higher scores on organisational commitment and job satisfaction and nationally and internationally, our research has informed debate in several policy and professional organisations and has been cited as evidence in a number of policy documents” -Professor Clare Kelliher.

Finding the right people for your business is often difficult so in order to attract and retain a talented workforce, businesses need to understand what drives them.

“Being able to negotiate on when I start, and finish work has saved me £197.00 in childcare, I no longer have to juggle my family and work all at once. I am far more productive earlier in the morning, so by starting earlier, I feel I can achieve my daily objectives to a higher standard. Some of my colleagues are more productive later in the day and by having flexible hours they are able to work when they are at their most productive. Whether you’re a morning person or feel sharper in the afternoons, flexible working enables you, within reason, to be on the job when you’re feeling at your best. This will help employees to approach their role in a more positive way which benefits both the company and the employee, as employees look forward to work while the boss will enjoy the higher performance levels you’ll achieve in peak condition’’ said Office Manager Chantelle.

Adapting office space has also seen a rise in employee morale, satisfaction and creativity. Creating flexible workspaces where employees no longer have to be “glued to their desk” has the advantage where they can work in a group or on their own in a more informal setting such as in a café or on the office sofa with a laptop, giving employees better control of their wellbeing.

So why not see if flexible working will suit your business and reap the same rewards as we do at Coherent.

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