How bespoke software can improve your workflow

What is it?

Bespoke software is a very broad descriptor that encompasses a large range of products. Essentially, it is any custom built piece of programming featuring sets of instructions, which enables specific tasks to be carried out automatically.

For example, consider a used-car dealership. To keep up with today’s market, at the very least the dealership will need to have a well designed website listing all available vehicles and details. Now imagine a customer visiting this website. What will make them more likely to get in touch? Some applications we might include in our software are:

  • The ability to filter available vehicles according to the customers needs
  • An online booking system where customers choose a viewing time that fits your diary online.
  • A live chat option, where customers can speak directly to your team while browsing the site.

It is a fairly common and easy job for us to develop websites with this functionality. But there are many more advanced operations we can incorporate.

Market research and advertising

  • We can develop personalised systems that track things like how the customer reached your site, what pages they spent longest on etc. and produce statistics, graphs and diagrams analysing this information, so you know where to focus your advertising.
  • We can create a system that modifies your listed prices according to the length of time an item has been available and how frequently it is viewed.
  • When a customer books a viewing we can store their name, contact details, budget, vehicle preferences and payment method for future use.
  • We can automate advertising, so that emails advertising specific types of vehicles/services are sent to the relevant customers at pre-programmed times.

Billing and accounting

  • Whether you want to integrate a current system or develop one from scratch, we can make it so that the data you have collected when arranging viewings is automatically entered into your billing software.
  • You may also want to consider incorporating an accounting system, so that billing transactions are automatically added to your accounts when a purchase is made through the billing system.
  • We can customise accounting systems to synchronise regularly with business bank account statements.
  • When a sale is made we can develop software that automatically updates the inventory on your website, removing the sold item from your listings.

Server management and security

  • We are experts at managing servers, ensuring they are capable of running web applications reliably.
  • We can organise automated backups so that your website and data can be recovered in case of hardware failures or infection.

Essentially, what develop automated systems and integrate all these processes so you don’t have waste time re-entering data, or performing long-winded menial tasks like manually inputting every transaction into your accounts. You have all the information you need at the click of a button.

We believe that almost all businesses can save substantial labour time by automating processes like those mentioned. This saves you from spending money on additional administrative staff, and frees you up to focus on your areas of expertise and passion.

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