Give your customers the self-service portal they want

The photocopier is broken again. Ugh. At least their phone number’s on my recent calls list from yesterday…

.. Ring ring .. For sales, press 1 ..

.. This is really adding insult to injury ..

.. For accounts, press 2 ..

.. I need to remember the menu options for next time ..

.. For support, press 3 ..

.. At last! ..

.. We record all our calls ..

.. That’s great. So do we. …

.. All of our agents are busy .. doo doo .. doo be doo .. Your time is valuable to us ..

Sound familiar? Of course it does. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way.

Self-service portals and apps are huge win-win opportunities for you and your clients. Your customers can get the information they need when they need it (even if they’re photocopying their face at 4am after a classic work night out). You don’t have to employ people, to help to one person at a time, who probably knows what they need and doesn’t want to have to phone in.

That person might even click a button that the customer could have clicked themselves. Efficient, huh?

This sort of workflow belongs in the ’90s. You just have to let go!

That photocopier problem could have been solved with an online troubleshooter. It could also have been solved with an in-app chat that would allow one staff member to help several customers at once (some companies take this to the extreme which is why they seem to have just woken up). In-app chat would also let the customer take photos of the problem. How much quicker would that be?

Whatever systems you have in place now might be great for what they do but if customers can’t help themselves then there is a tremendous opportunity to improve your customer experience and lower costs at the same time. It’s what we do as software developers. We create software that could become part of your website, or could be a mobile app, to plug into whatever systems you have now and deliver extra functionality.

Even if your current systems are decades old black boxes, even if you’ve never worked with software developers before, we know our stuff and we can make it easy for you to deliver the service your customers expect. Call us!

Posted on October 12, 2017 at 4:21 pm in Cloud

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