Why Coherent is using Python and is staying at the forefront of demand

  • So, what exactly is Python?

Python is a general-purpose, interpreted and high-level OOPs based dynamic programming language that focuses on rapid application development. Writing a program in Python is often five to six times faster and due to ease of syntax in Python, the programmers can complete coding in fewer steps as compared to Java or C++. Python’s ever-evolving libraries and support makes it a viable choice for any project, be it Mobile App, Web App, IoT, Data Science or AI.

  • How does using a Python Programmer benefit your business?

Software development is a dynamic field. Developers need to constantly be learning new skills to stay relevant. At Coherent Software, we’re continually evaluating which programming languages are in high demand from those seeking bespoke computer software due to the world’s growing reliance on technology.

“In my opinion, the customer benefits when the developer benefits because if code is quick, easy to write and quick to compile and test then that is saving the customer time and money, combine that with our experience of using it and the good community, documentation, frameworks, and support and you can ensure that not only is the code quicker to develop, it’s probably less buggy…” Said Coherent Software Engineer Dan James.

Businesses in today’s world need dedicated software for successful operation and growth. It is, therefore, a crucial business asset to choose your software carefully so that it matches your business needs. Due to Pythons flexibility and the fact it can be integrated with many other programming languages, it is no wonder that it has been adopted by companies like Google, NASA, and Intel. That is why the demand for Python specialists keeps growing at an incredible rate.

“Python enables us to develop efficient and secure software in less time and encourages our developers to follow modern best practice” Said Managing Director James Hadley.

Coherent Software has managed to hire a team of skilled Python professionals, which gives us an important advantage over the competition. If you are considering an app or new business software, call us today on 0800 292 6474 or fill out the contact form on the right . We can tell you free of charge how feasible your ideas are and what a development roadmap might look like.


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Coherent supports the Django REST Framework


Django is the gold standard for creating web applications in Python. The Django REST Framework (DRF) is the gold standard for creating RESTful API-driven applications in Django.

DRF has been a key building block to ensure the quality of our bespoke Django development for over two years. It has:

  • Provided new developers in our team with a wealth of documentation and examples,
  • Made it easy to test our applications and contributed to our test-driven development (TDD) approach,
  • Helped to define a coherent structure for our API-driven applications.

We are therefore very, very proud to employ DRF in our stack.

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Client experience: Alarm System Reviews

Their website is based on WordPress. We were engaged to provide server administration services to improve the performance (i.e. speed up) the website taking advantage of the latest web technologies.

Jon Gavejian from Consumer Media, the company behind Alarm System Reviews, describes their experience:

“We came across Coherent while searching for a SME (subject matter expert) to install and configure the Google PageSpeed Module on our previous hosting provider’s server. We knew right away that the Coherent team had the expertise we needed and awarded the project to them. Throughout the initial PageSpeed Project we found them to be refreshingly responsive to our communications and proactive about suggesting improvements to our technical requirements. Coherent completed the project on time and within budget. Their suggestions even led to performance gains that absolutely exceeded our goals and expectations.

We quickly moved forward with a series of additional projects related to website speed/server optimization. The team at Coherent continued to deliver amazing results that surpassed performance requirements and ultimately secured us as a long-term client. Coherent is now a core part of our organization and just recently pushed live a new custom, high-performance Nginx server for us that is yielding enterprise class performance for a fraction of the cost. The new Nginx server’s custom build includes multiple WordPress installations, the Google PageSpeed Module, CDN integration, server-side caching, PHP7, MariaDB, and HTTP/2 protocol (among many other performance enhancements). We even have the ability to purge all caches at once now. Coherent’s implementation was virtually flawless and the website migrations were quick and painless. You can see firsthand how Coherent is helping us push website performance and speed to the limits by visiting Check it out and then reach out to Coherent with your project or needs. You’ll love them.

Big thanks to the Coherent team. You guys are awesome!”

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