The future is flexible working

To catch the eye of top prospects and keep hold of the best you have in your business, you need to be able to offer benefits that are no longer just financial. Flexible working has become demanded by employees and job seekers and choosing a work schedule that suits their chosen lifestyles has provided many benefits to both employer and employee.

At Coherent, we have found that flexible working arrangements have brought many positive benefits and is just one of many things we have done to increase our company culture. Both for the company and the employee. Flexible working hours and the ability to work remotely has given many employees better control in their lives.

Some employees are more productive first thing in the morning, others mid-morning and in the afternoons, therefore their levels of productivity, motivation and happiness has increased greatly due to the fact they are no longer having to fit into a traditional 9-5 that doesn’t work for everyone. Being able to balance work and life has reduced stress and anxiety, giving employees more loyalty to their company and a greater level of job satisfaction.


“Your employees are your company’s real competitive advantage. They’re the ones making the magic happen-so long as their needs are being met” -Richard Branson 


There are solid grounds and very tangible benefits to offering flexible working arrangements. Many have seen improvements in recruitment and staff retention, reduced absences and improved commitment and productivity. The millennial generation no longer focus solely on high pay and bonuses. They also value flexibility and having a good work/life balance.

Recent research from Cranfield University revealed that “Flexible workers, managers and co-workers of flexible workers reported a generally positive effect on the quantity and quality of work performed. In comparison to those on standard working arrangements, flexible workers had significantly higher scores on organisational commitment and job satisfaction and nationally and internationally, our research has informed debate in several policy and professional organisations and has been cited as evidence in a number of policy documents” -Professor Clare Kelliher.

Finding the right people for your business is often difficult so in order to attract and retain a talented workforce, businesses need to understand what drives them.

“Being able to negotiate on when I start, and finish work has saved me £197.00 in childcare, I no longer have to juggle my family and work all at once. I am far more productive earlier in the morning, so by starting earlier, I feel I can achieve my daily objectives to a higher standard. Some of my colleagues are more productive later in the day and by having flexible hours they are able to work when they are at their most productive. Whether you’re a morning person or feel sharper in the afternoons, flexible working enables you, within reason, to be on the job when you’re feeling at your best. This will help employees to approach their role in a more positive way which benefits both the company and the employee, as employees look forward to work while the boss will enjoy the higher performance levels you’ll achieve in peak condition’’ said Office Manager Chantelle.

Adapting office space has also seen a rise in employee morale, satisfaction and creativity. Creating flexible workspaces where employees no longer have to be “glued to their desk” has the advantage where they can work in a group or on their own in a more informal setting such as in a café or on the office sofa with a laptop, giving employees better control of their wellbeing.

So why not see if flexible working will suit your business and reap the same rewards as we do at Coherent.

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Why Coherent is using Python and is staying at the forefront of demand

  • So, what exactly is Python?

Python is a general-purpose, interpreted and high-level OOPs based dynamic programming language that focuses on rapid application development. Writing a program in Python is often five to six times faster and due to ease of syntax in Python, the programmers can complete coding in fewer steps as compared to Java or C++. Python’s ever-evolving libraries and support makes it a viable choice for any project, be it Mobile App, Web App, IoT, Data Science or AI.

  • How does using a Python Programmer benefit your business?

Software development is a dynamic field. Developers need to constantly be learning new skills to stay relevant. At Coherent Software, we’re continually evaluating which programming languages are in high demand from those seeking bespoke computer software due to the world’s growing reliance on technology.

“In my opinion, the customer benefits when the developer benefits because if code is quick, easy to write and quick to compile and test then that is saving the customer time and money, combine that with our experience of using it and the good community, documentation, frameworks, and support and you can ensure that not only is the code quicker to develop, it’s probably less buggy…” Said Coherent Software Engineer Dan James.

Businesses in today’s world need dedicated software for successful operation and growth. It is, therefore, a crucial business asset to choose your software carefully so that it matches your business needs. Due to Pythons flexibility and the fact it can be integrated with many other programming languages, it is no wonder that it has been adopted by companies like Google, NASA, and Intel. That is why the demand for Python specialists keeps growing at an incredible rate.

“Python enables us to develop efficient and secure software in less time and encourages our developers to follow modern best practice” Said Managing Director James Hadley.

Coherent Software has managed to hire a team of skilled Python professionals, which gives us an important advantage over the competition. If you are considering an app or new business software, call us today on 0800 292 6474 or fill out the contact form on the right . We can tell you free of charge how feasible your ideas are and what a development roadmap might look like.


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Tablets for business: Time to get an iPad?

You may have heard the old joke – Steve Jobs was up late one night trying to think of a new product to appease investors. He sat at a table with several iPhones and eventually arranged nine of them into a rectangle, giving birth to the iPad.

Tablets in business: statistics

A surprising number of clients are telling us that they use tablets, and in particular iPads, in their business. In fact, Apple sold 11.4 million iPads in just the second quarter of 2017. As a result, their reach extends not only to businesses, but also to educators and consumers.

Just a decade ago, no IT professional would ever believe that tablets would ever control the market. With the introduction of the iPad, consumers and enterprise customers alike began transitioning, and for good reason. It features an advanced enterprise management system, making it perfect for all businesses due to its feature rich interface and restrictions system.

What we’ve done

We’ve worked with countless companies that wanted to reap the benefits of the Apple ecosystem. Take a look at Auto Car SOR, a dealership financing company that we’ve consulted for. We created an app that allowed them to increase efficiency and save resources by linking up their accounting, task management and document systems. Not only did this get recuperate lost time from manual data input, it also benefited from our bespoke development approach. Coupled with a modern interface and responsive support, they were pleasantly surprised as the system was implemented.

Another business that we’ve integrated the Apple ecosystem into is Capture Pod. They provide photography booth services to events. At an event, a customer was so impressed with their services that they wanted to leave a testimonial — something that they could not record at the time. We developed a bespoke testimonial app that stored video to the cloud and eventually was deployed in several stores in the United States. All of this was created to work on the iPad.

The benefits of having iOS devices in general deployed in your business environment is often times a benefit to productivity and efficiency. The management interface that is provided can prevent staff from trailing off, as well as keep the devices secure. With such a fantastic platform, it’s no wonder businesses love the iPad and it’s why we love it too.

Sources: MarketWatch – iPad sales in Q2 2017

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Our software engineers take on Total Ninja


One of the most exciting developments in Manchester’s Trafford Park has to be Total Ninja. I was really excited when I heard about the launch and saw the promotional video – and what better place to take the team out of the office for a team building day?

Last week, we took most of our software engineers out of the office (and off their chairs!) for most of the day to attempt the obstacle courses at Total Ninja. The courses were more difficult that we had expected – and quickly showed us who has been keeping up their fitness and who hasn’t.

Obstacle courses at Total Ninja

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