Coherent supports the Django REST Framework

Django is the gold standard for creating web applications in Python. The Django REST Framework (DRF) is the gold standard for creating RESTful API-driven applications in Django. DRF has been a key building block to ensure the quality of our bespoke Django development for over two years. It has: Provided new developers in our team with […]

What the GDPR means for software

The GDPR is the successor to the Data Protection Act in the UK. There is a lot of worry and panic about the changes it brings. If you’re in the Northwest of England, I recommend attending a talk by Baines Wilson on the practicalities of the GDPR. It could be the best 2 hours and […]

We’re the Northwest’s first Xero Developer Partner

We have recently become the first and only software development company in the Northwest to be accredited by the accounting platform Xero. Our accreditation follows a range of highly successful projects incorporating a Xero integration. Our Xero integration work creates bespoke functionality on top of your accounting system to tailor it to your own business needs. […]

Think before registering a “new gTLD” domain

TLD stands for Top Level Domain. It’s the last part of a domain name – for example “.com”. The “g” stands for global which just means it’s not tied to a particular country. About a year ago, there were just a few gTLDs and everyone wanted a .com for their business, their brand or their […]

How we use automation in our workflow

Bureaucracy isn’t just the domain of large corporates. Even as a young, hip software development company, we have it. In this post, I want to describe how we use automation and bespoke software in our own workflow. Systems we use We use several off the shelf systems: Xero for accounting, GitHub is a key part […]

How bespoke software can improve your workflow

What is it? Bespoke software is a very broad descriptor that encompasses a large range of products. Essentially, it is any custom built piece of programming featuring sets of instructions, which enables specific tasks to be carried out automatically. For example, consider a used-car dealership. To keep up with today’s market, at the very least […]

Servers: buying hardware vs renting hardware vs cloud

As your online presence grows, you may start to consider the pros and cons of buying/renting hardware and using cloud services for your hosting. All of these options have pros and cons and this article will provide an impartial view on the realities of this decision, rather than the sales pitches of a given company. […]