Scale up

Scale up

With 95% of us shopping online, 24 hours a day and 365 days a week, having an online shop is essential for any ambitious retailer, and to have one that can withstand the bombardment of eager sale shoppers is vital. Consumer expectation of the home shopping experience is high and any glitch, no matter how small, will see items remaining in baskets while customer s head off to buy similar goods from competitor sites. Would you want to take this risk? Certainly, the team at Kilkenny weren’t prepared to.

Kilkenny Shops, of which there are 12, are the ‘go to’ place for jewellery, homeware and accessories from the best of Irish designers. Their online shop is a showcase for people like Orla Kiely and Yvonne Ryan. Since its launch in 2008 the number of visitors to the online store has been steadily growing and the business thriving, especially during the May and November Sales. At these times the traffic to the site grows substantially and round the clock demand on the servers that host the store rockets. Kilkenny’s IT team engage us to work closely alongside them, offering support and reassurance at these high-pressure periods and throughout the year.

How we are helping

Coherent were first appointed by Kilkenny in 2014. Our brief being to maintain and support the servers that host the e-commerce store.

To ensure that the Kilkenny online store delivers a great customer experience at all times, and therefore retains the loyalty of its visitors, we moved it to a highly resilient, scalable and secure platform which protects the store from the natural and man-made disasters that retailers so fear. What is more, during sales periods we offer 24-hour support to their IT team, constantly monitoring activity and employing additional servers to maintain service levels.

Throughout the year we work with The Kilkenny Group, their IT manager and software developers on quality control and testing new functionality.

Loyal customers are hard won in the competitive environment of online retail, and to risk losing them by offering an unreliable shopping experience is pure madness. The first step in securing your business is to call us and set up a no-obligation meeting by calling 0800 292 6474.