Launch a new product

Launch a new product

Searching for the right kind of care for a loved one is a complicated business. With public bodies, such as local councils, and medical professionals struggling to provide care seekers with up to date and consistent information regarding the quality and availability of care, finding the facilities and services for which you are looking can be like finding a needle in the proverbial haystack.

And it is not only the care seekers who are frustrated by the lack of information, care providers need to make the best use of their facilities, often balancing NHS-funded and privately funded patients.

With these all too familiar struggles in mind, Lancashire-based CareRadar is seeking to bridge the communication gap, providing a web-based solution for use by both the care seekers and care providers.

How we are helping

Having secured startup funding, the MD at CareRadar appointed Coherent to design and build their web application.

To succeed as a start-up, CareRadar were looking for a unique product and, relishing the challenge, our in-house developers built CareRadar from the ground up. Our client’s vision for an application combining user interaction, data collection and aesthetics has been turned into a reality.

CareRadar allows care seekers to search for suitable care facilities with in their preferred geographical area, as well as providing them with live information on availability within each facility. Care providers have the opportunity to submit information about their location, premises and services, so enabling users to shortlist only the most appropriate providers.

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