Increase Efficiency

Increase efficiency with business automation

Auto Car SOR provide finance to car dealerships, however the challenges they faced are not particular to their industry but will be familiar to many companies.

The manual updating of spreadsheets, copying data in and out of accounting software, running credit checks, sending out letters, all this takes time and man power. It will be of no surprise that these inefficiencies and associated overheads were the stumbling blocks holding the company back.

We help many companies struggling with similar issues. Expensive licence fees for software that doesn’t exactly deliver what is needed, accounts software that is incompatible with marketing requirements and cannot cope with the demands of GDPR are all issues we deal with on a regular basis.

The potential for frustration is enormous but, with a help from our team, can be resolved. We are here to help you drive your business forwards.

How we are helping

Time spent understanding, in detail, the business processes involved for both Auto Car and for their clients allowed us to plan and develop an elegant, bespoke, solution that brings with it efficiencies and cost savings from start to finish.

Gone are the spreadsheets and the laborious admin tasks. The accounting system links seamlessly with other systems, an iPad app allows dealers to securely access their documents, be alerted to tasks and respond to requests, check stock and apply for finance.

And not forgetting one more huge benefit, as this bespoke solution is owned by Auto Car, there are no expensive licence fees to pay!

Our bespoke approach helped Auto Car SOR to reap the benefits of business process automation in a way that suits them.

We would be delighted to discuss how we can help you and your company, so call us to set up a no obligation meeting on 0800 292 6474.