Implement a CRM

Implement a CRM

A London based media company, Thunderbird Releasing’s core business is the distribution of films to independent cinemas across the UK.

Thunderbird’s team of account managers are in constant contact with their customers, discussing and rolling out the films being leased, informing them of and selling in new releases, and ensuring that contract details are up to date. Their role is also to collect royalties from the cinemas, the amount being based on the number of people who have watched the film during a given week. This information is reported both by the cinema and verified through Rentrak, an automated box office tracking system. A proportion of the royalties paid by the cinemas is retained by Thunderbird, with the balance being passed on to the production companies.

In addition to managing existing accounts, the team at Thunderbird Releasing are busy nurturing relationships with prospective clients, setting up agreements with new clients and learning about new films.

How we are helping

Before approaching Coherent, Thunderbird had looked at a number of off the shelf CRM solutions but had not found one that delivered what was required to drive their complex business relationships and work seamlessly with Xero, their web-based accounting system.

Having spent time understanding what Thunderbird required from a CRM, our recommendation was to develop a bespoke CRM that would not only synchronise with Xero, but also facilitate the automatic updating of film information from the IMDb (Internet Movie Database) and calculate royalties by uploading box office information directly from Rentrak and from the cinemas.

As a result of opting for this bespoke CRM, Thunderbird are enjoying a wide range of benefits. The CRM drives Xero which now automatically generates invoices and payments, they own their CRM which negates the need to pay a licence fee and all their client and product information is stored in one place.

The efficient management of customer relationships and conversion of prospects are key to the ongoing success of any business. We work with many businesses who have long been aware of the stumbling blocks within their organisation and knew the ideal solution would look like, they just didn’t know how to go about implementing the change. If you think your business could be more efficient and would benefit from a CRM overhaul we would be delighted to discuss your requirements, either bespoke or off the shelf . To arrange an exploratory meeting, please call us on 0800 292 6474.