Connect your systems

Connect your systems

Highly respected accountancy firm Chaney Associates is US based and also happen to be Xero’s first platinum partner. Despite operating from different continents, we produced a system that has formed a key part of their business.

The prestigious accountancy firm, which specialises in the education sector, has an enviable reputation when it comes to the financial and advisory services it offers. When we first met, the partners explained how their ambitions to grow the firm were being hampered by the inefficient and costly way they were operating, particularly when it came to the transfer of information from their clients (many of whom were working with Google Sheets) to their own in-house system. We were delighted to be able to help.

Now each of Chaney’s clients has been set up as a Xero customer and financial information is transferred seamlessly between client and accountant. Processes have been streamlined, time spent on admin tasks vastly reduced and margins dramatically increased without loss of service. With overheads cut and more money to invest into the business, they Chaney Associates are in a great position to move forwards with their plans.

How we are helping

We pride ourselves on finding ways, no matter how challenging, to make your systems talk to each other, ensuring that information is kept up to date without the need for constant manual intervention.

Whether you are looking to integrate stock control with your accounting software, your practice management information with a marketing database, an eCommerce platform with an accountancy package or telephone system with your CRM, we can help. So often we hear of clients being told that they are asking to achieve the impossible, but we disagree. With careful planning and our first-class experience in software development (we are proud to be the north west’s only accredited Xero developer) we believe that there is a solution to be found.

We would be delighted to discuss how we can help you and your company by building bridges between your systems, increasing efficiency and keeping client information up to date. Please call us on 0800 292 6474 to arrange and we will arrange a convenient time to meet at either your offices or ours.